Our Values

We believe it's essential that our staff, clients, tenants and all ODREM's stakeholders share a common vision of what we stand for.

What we stand for

Articulating a set of values for our brand guides us strategically and operationally. These values – Being Expert, Trustworthy & Empathetic – embody a promise to ourselves and to those we interact with.

ODREM Value Expert

To Be Expert

In our three decades, there are few scenarios that our teams have not had to manage. Simply: ODREM has unparalleled insight to residential property in Ireland. We can draw on a deep pool of knowledge to provide innovative solutions, to get the job done. Our ISO certifications provide independent affirmation of this commitment to providing best-in-class professional services to our clients. But all the time, we evolve, with an appetite for change, constantly learning and challenging ourselves.

ODREM Trust image

To Be Trustworthy

Doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do – that’s what we believe. It’s about reinforcing the importance of fairness, of being straight and transparent. We are independent and dependable. Tenants can trust that their issues are resolved; clients can trust that they’re with the best residential property managers. All driven by a compelling business rationale: relationships with a strong foundation of trust have longevity. We’re here 30 years and counting.

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To Be Empathetic

For all of our capacity, finely-tuned protocols and innovative technology, property is at its heart a people business. While ODREM aligns and focuses on the commercial goals of our clients, at the same time we remain passionately attuned to the needs of our customers. We recognise each unit is a home. Every workplace, a precious eco-system. We anticipate and are proactive, believing foresight beats firefighting. Being welcoming, open and enthusiastic are powerful tools for the nimble operator.

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